Bitcoin 2.0 Despite Increased Volatility From Sell Downs Reaches New Highs of $0.89 Cents and Expected To Break the $1 Barrier Soon

By London Times

Bitcoin 2.0 despite increased volatility from sell downs reaches new highs of $0.89 cents and expected to break the $1 barrier soon.

The new high was reached in recent days, on slowly increasing trade volume on the new exchange Bitxchange.

As it prepares to launch its marketing campaign, which was delayed due to the exclusivity offer for its initial launch period after listing with newbie London based exchange, Bitxchange, its likely to see steady but increasing trade volume.

Bitcoin 2.0 is a new Cryptocurrency/company that is looking to innovate the Global Payment System. Bitcoin 2.0 to be like Bitcoin as a payment system but is expected to be better due to its more effective blockchain technology platform. Plus it’s backed by the real value in advertising credits in independent media news sites and news networks and this gives it an additional intrinsic value. It is a faster and updated payment system that is also created to help defeat mainstream media. It was founded to remove the power of money supply from the greedy central bankers to put it back in the hands of the people.

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