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Can Ethereum Reach 100k?

Can Ethereum Reach 100k?

By Marius Kramer

Cryptocurrency writer on Quora worldwide.

No, not in this bull run as it would mean a market cap of $12 trillion.

The maximum I see for Ethereum is to reach $20,000-$40,000 in this bull run, which would correspond with a market cap of $2.2T to $4.4T already in case Bitcoin manages to go to $150,000 and a market cap of $2.7T.

That means Ethereum would flip a $150,000 Bitcoin once it reaches $25,000.

Flipping Bitcoin is quite possible for Ethereum to do, but $100,000 is simply too much.

Here’s what others had to say:

John Smith
The way you describe it Marius it reminds me of an old but yet still very useful heavyweight boxing champion(BITCOIN) being challenged by a younger more versatile wannabe champion(ETHERIUM)coming together to be the undesputed HEEEEAAVY WEEEEEEIGHT CHAAAAMPION OF THE WOOOORLD.
Fascinating to watch it unfold.

John Gannon
I don’t see us rising above 10k in 2021 but if we do I will be astounded.
Miracles happen, but that’s a substantial cap increase from where we presently sit and I simply don’t see the retail interest there, yet, to push us that high.
It’ll happen eventually though. It’s inevitable.
edit: I have gotten a few recent upvotes on this and I have to say, ETH rose quite a bit better this cycle than I had imagined in January when I wrote this.
We will almost assuredly reach 10k from here. What a beautiful year it has been.

Graham Ballachey
$20,000 per Ether! Incredible. Are you thinking this for 2021?

Tavita Tata
Don’t get hooked on these pie in the sky predictions. ETH will peak at around $10,000. That’s still a 4x move from where it is today.

Ashok Gupta
Unfortunately every subsequent Federal Government has to inject/print trillion of dollars every few years as we have made the large 1000 companies as PONDS where the money finally trickle downs to. This on going process to make the Senators / Representative get rich by following this simple socialist / capitalism alive leaves with no option but to soon see companies touching market capitalization of $100 trillion a piece and here my friend is struck at 12 Trillion.

Sripal Sama
So a no and then still give an exaggerated figure. That seems to be your strategy for quora answers pretty much.

Ryan Holmes
Mhm god would have to come give an endorsment for ethereum to go to 100k. Going green or hybrid ect is what is huge in this century therefore i do see a bitcoin flip eventually added with scalability ect. Ethereum will flip it yet cardano to me cause of those reasons i see as always in the big 3 can it hit 30 yea 40 would be it top form especially when you think of these 3rd world countries adapting such well cant beat cardano price snd potential especially when considering theyre 3rd world countries where affordability is key.

Tavita Tata
Bruh! Eth ain’t going to $20,000 this cycle. You’re way overestimating it. It will peak at between $10,000 and 13,000.

Nicholas Lucas
Well Everyone, a lot of issues has arises with price fluctuations over the years and it has made earning with crypto currency a 50/50 game but with crypto management platforms like the Blockchain Bitcoin mining network has been able to minimize the risk and maximize what you can do with your crypto asset.

Maarten Van Leeuwen
$20k+ for ETH in 2021 is not realistic. Alts, including ETH will bleed when value moves to BTC. Has happened before and will happen again. Then some alts will recover and follow an BTC bull run. Some, but not all. The 2017 run of alts was primarily fuelled by all the ICO’s. Many of those being ERC20 tokens running on ETH, and ICO’s selling stakes for ETH caused ETH to pump as well, but we don’t have that this time around. DeFi is one reason ETH may still rise, NFTs is another. But there is fierce competition from other blockchains. With Ethereum 2.0 I expect ETH to get to a new ATH next year, but I don’t see $20k+ happening.


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