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Private Placement

Private Placement

There is limited private placement allocation of Bitcoin 2.0, at discounted prices below the current trade price.

As Bitcoin 2.0 has listed in 2021 on two mid tier exchanges, in preparation for listing on top tier exchanges next year, we have access to some allocations at discounted prices for volume buyers.

The Clause is they come with 60 day vest period (i.e. 60 days from purchase before you can sell onto the exchanges to avoid dumping)

Preferred allocations are for
buyers $10,000 USD upwards to $100,000 USD.

But there’s is a few allocations of $5000 USD.

Current Prices

Current Trading Price $0.17 cents and has traded as high as $0.89 cents in recent months

Crypto Private Placements available for anyone who has $5000 USD or more ?

What are private placements?

Often used in the stock market buy listed small cap companies to raise fresh capital or even very large companies.

Say its share is trading at $0.20 cents on say the Stock Exchange, then if it was to do a private placement, the price would be offered at a substantial discount to the current trading price.

What the catch?

It’s usually only reserved for large institutional investors or existing stock holders and thus for the average person, they generally don’t get allowed to access them.

But you can now do the same with existing listed Cryptos in some cases.

A case in point is upcoming crypto, Bitcoin 2.0 which is currently trading close to $0.19 cents on and

You can if you have a minimum of $5000 USD access a limited amount of private placement trades into Bitcoin 2.0 at only $0.05 cents for every $5000 USD block purchased or as little as $0.03 cents if you purchase blocks of $10,000 USD

And only $0.015 cents for $25,0000 USD block purchasers.

How is it possible?

As we have access to early stage investors who wish to sell out some of their coins, we earn a commission to arrange the block trades

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FAQ / What you need to know

The answer is yes after 60 day escrow period you can list them for sale via any of the exchanges.
Note subject to liquidity it can take time to offload larger sell orders but as liquidity is continuing to grow then if you budget over time to sell down gradually then subject to the liquidity on each exchange you can do this

It’s simple

You can even do it by credit card, bank transfer or convert existing crypto into Bitcoin

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