The Third Largest Bitcoin Wallet

The Third Largest Bitcoin Wallet

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Already bought 8,117 BTC in the low $50k since the November correction, BTC dumped <$50k suddenly.

The 3rd largest Bitcoin whale wallet: BUY 2,702 more BTC in one day.

This whale wallet added 2,702 $BTC today at $50.6k for a whopping total of $136.7M USD.

Here’s what others had to say:

Wooooow… If I sell the top I risk BTC 🚀. He sells the top the price plummets. Some guys have all the luck!

So they have 6 trilion dollars?

If whales are accumulating- I am accumulating

Will they lend me two Bitcoin then seems they got a few spare.

All I focus on is crypto mining, mining is the best

Royal Protocol, BNB, CumRocket, Bitcoin, Axie Infinity, or Nafty? What are you holding right now?

Go ahead, show me a better altcoin than Royal Protocol. Because I have not seen a single one yet. It’s still early and it’s extremely bullish. A lot of powerful people are backing it.

Lmfaoo you gonna keep letting these whales play you or is it time to switch to alts?

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